West Ox Arts Gallery Presents “Texture”: An Exploration of Surface and Sensation.


The West Ox Arts Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of “Texture,” a captivating exhibition showcasing the expressive potential of various artistic mediums. From 23 March  to 20 April, 2024, visitors can embark on a multi-sensory journey through painting, collage, sculpture, textiles, and ceramics, all united by their exploration of texture.


A Celebration of Tactility:

“Texture” delves into the artistic power of surface, highlighting how carefully chosen materials and techniques can create visual impact, evoke emotions, and tell compelling stories. The exhibition features a diverse range of works, from geometric paintings infused with marble dust for a textured effect, to intricate embroidered textiles, impasto paintings, lunar inspired ceramics and impactful wooden sculptures and furniture.


Emerging and Established Talents:

The exhibition showcases the exceptional talents of both emerging and established artists. Featuring works by Ellis Stacey, Ticia Lever, Madi Kavanagh, Nicola Cavalla, Frances Williams, Ann Lowe, Clare Goodall, Michele Walllington, and Debbie Page, “Texture” offers a unique glimpse into the creative landscape of contemporary art.


Opening Reception:

Join us for the opening reception of “Texture” on 23 March  at 12 noon. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet the artists, delve deeper into their creative processes, and enjoy refreshments and conversation amidst the vibrant artwork.



  • Exhibition Title: Texture
  • Dates: 23 March  – 20 April, 2024
  • Location: West Ox Arts Gallery, Bampton, Oxfordshire. OX18 2JH
  • Opening Reception: 23 March  at 12 noon
  • Website: www.westoxarts.com
  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Opening Hours
    Tues to Sat – 11.30 – 4.30
    Sun – 2 – 4
    Closed Mondays


Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the captivating power of texture in art. We look forward to welcoming you to “Texture”!

23rd March – 20th April 2024