About Us

The restoration work at Bampton’s Old Grammar School was completed in May 2022. This wonderful building has a beautifully restored exhibition room and shop, library and an amazing upstairs room which has not been accessible since 1961.

As well as the important work of the Archive, our aims are to support culture, education and creativity in the village and surrounding area, now that we have this fantastic facility, known as Bampton Community Hub. We want the whole community and visitors to the village to benefit from this wonderful building and to be able to participate fully in the programme of talks, workshops, events and exhibitions that we host. Please check out the EVENTS page to see what’s happening currently.

We are also continuing to develop and expand our superb digital Archive, doing the important job of recording and preserving the history of this village and the surrounding area.

We don’t want anything to be cost prohibitive. Now that the restoration is complete the challenge is to build a community fund to be able to finance and support our programme allowing access for all the community and visitors at low-cost or no cost for everyone.

To support this, please visit our fantastic shop in the Vesey Room. We stock a unique selection of gifts, craft items, art, jewellery, cards, and of course, we have stock of all our archive books, over 35 titles, about the history of the village.

Much of the stock is made and created locally. The shop is open every day from 10am – 4pm and all the proceeds support the development and expansion of the Archive and our programme of events, talks, workshops, music etc allowing free/low-cost access to the whole community.

To become more involved, you can become a member of the Bampton Community Archive. Membership is just £5 per annum for individuals or £8 for families.

As an Archive member you can help and get involved with the development of the Archive and you will enjoy early booking opportunities for all our events, talks, workshops, events and exhibitions prior to them going on general release. You can download a membership form here.

We have created storage space for some of our physical archive material and, because of our limited space, we are investing in the further development of our comprehensive digital archive. We plan to install a state-of-the-art audio/visual system to allow people touch screen access to films, audio content and information from Bampton Archive.

We want as many people in the community as possible, from babies to centenarians to get involved in Bampton Community Hub. This could be joining our sitter’s team and doing a sitting duty once every 4 weeks, helping in the shop or the library, helping with exhibitions, talks and workshops, contributing with ideas and support for future events, helping with building and development of the Archive itself.